Dog Breeds Who Are Perfect for Your Fantasy Football Team

You’ve pored over stats and read countless in-depth expert analyses to draft that perfect fantasy football team. Now you’re ready for an even bigger challenge: picking the best dog breeds to be in your squad. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to choosing dogs for sports teams. We thought long and hard about each draft pick and came up with what might be considered the perfect roster. Because, just like human fantasy football, the dog version of this game is VERY serious. So get ready: With this canine lineup, you’ll be first in your league in no time.

EmbeddableSlideshow: Fantasy Football Dog Breeds EMBEDDABLE SLIDESHOW

Best Draft Picks for Canine Fantasy Football
Quarterback (QB) – Labrador Retriever: Running Back (RB 1) – Greyhound: Running Back (RB 2) – Border Collie : Wide Receiver (WR 1) – Flat-Coated Retriever: Wide Receiver (WR 2) – Golden Retriever: Tight End (TE) – Boxer: Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) – Mastiff: Kicker (K) – Irish Wolfhound:

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