Sponsor Shoutout: ABA Partners with Global Rescue


The best birders know that there’s great birdwatching to be found off the beaten path.

“Off the beaten path” also happens to be a very bad place to find trouble. That’s why the American Birding Association has continued its partnership with Global Rescue, the ABA’s Official Emergency Medical and Evacuation Provider.

Global Rescue has been a worldwide leader in field rescue, medical advisory and evacuation, and security extraction services for more than a decade. Our members know that when something bad happens in the middle of nowhere, they will not be left to fend for themselves. Global Rescue’s industry-leading network of personnel and resources are on call to provide assistance or evacuation from nearly anywhere on earth.

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When the ABA’s members purchase a Global Rescue membership through the association, a portion of the proceeds will go to helping ABA programs and conservation. Memberships, which start at just $119, can cover anywhere from a week to a year at a time, and include a bevy of important features, including:

  • Field Rescue services from the point of injury or illness, and medical evacuation services to your home hospital of choice
  • Face-to-face video consultations and advice about your diagnosis
  • Help determining the best possible treatment options
  • Security extraction services from natural disasters, civil unrest and hostile environments
  • The MyGlobalRescue mobile app, which connects you with Global Rescue and provides real-time information and advisory about events and locations around the world that could affect your travel.

A Global Rescue membership protects you while you’re out in the field, but what if you need to protect the trip itself? From a big year to a weekend excursion, travel insurance can be a vital service to ensure against disruptions and cancellations on your trip. That’s why Global Rescue is introducing Signature Travel Insurance, a program tailor-made for adventurous travelers. Signature Travel Insurance is only available to Global Rescue members. Combine it with a Global Rescue membership, and you are covered by the world’s best travel protection. Go to globalrescue.com/partner/aba for more.

Some examples of Global Rescue at work:

  • In Ecuador, a heart attack was only the start of the struggle for 71-year-old Leslie Erickson, who reached out to Global Rescue and soon had a paramedic by his side to usher him home, keeping him informed and comfortable the whole way.
  • An accident near Dale Schwerdtfeger’s farm in Belize put the Minneapolis native in severe pain. Miles from civilization, Schwerdtfeger needed more than painkillers, and Global Rescue sent an ambulance to pick him up and bring him to Belize City, where a critical care paramedic oversaw his care.

Global Rescue will be attending the American Birding Expo, September 16-18, 2016, in Columbus, OH. Come see us in Tent 1!

Visit globalrescue.com/partner/aba for full details. Or call us at 1-800-381-9754 or email memberservices@globalrescue.com.


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