#ABArare – Amethyst-throated Hummingbird – Texas


On October 15, an Amethyst-throated Hummingbird was discovered by a homeowner in the Davis Mountains of west Texas, and subsequently recorded on a feeder cam administered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The bird spent much of the afternoon and evening visiting the feeder. Pending acceptance, this would be a 1st record for Texas, and either the 1st or 2nd for the ABA Area depending on whether the individual that visited a feeder in Saguenay, Quebec, earlier this year is accepted.

The site is not open to the public, but you might be able to see the bird on the live camera feed.

Amethyst-throated Hummingbird is a fairly common species in montane pine-oak forests of northern Mexico through northern Central America. It comes as close to the ABA Area as southeastern Tamaulipas. It consists of 5 recognized subspecies, of which the nominate amethystinus is the closest to the the ABA Area.

An Amethyst-throated Hummingbird was discovered in a feeder in southeastern Quebec earlier this year, staying for two days before disappearing. The species had been long expected in the ABA Area, but Quebec was not on the list of likely locations for it to show up. This Davis Mountains bird is a bit more in line with predictions.

Notably, there is another, unaccepted, record of what was presumed by some to be this species from San Benito, Texas, in July, 2006. Photos of that bird are inconclusive.


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