2016 ABA Big Year Update: The Results


Congratulations are in order for Olaf Danielson, Christian Hagenlocher, Laura Keene, and John Weigel for their impressive ABA Area Big Year totals in 2016. I think I can speak for many in the ABA and birding communities when I say that it has been great fun to watch these four birders do what no one has ever done in the continental US and Canada. All have passed Neil Hayward’s 2013 Big Year record of 749.

So without further ado, here are the four outstanding ABA Big Year totals for 2016.

John Weigel – 780 (+3) – A late run up the west coast netted John 2 more species for the year. A Red-footed Booby in San Diego and Whooper Swan on Adak, Alaska, where he closed out the year.

Olaf Danielson – 776 (+2) – Olaf had bad luck with weather and gulls in Newfoundland, where he missed the on and off Kelp Gull in St. John’s. He did pick up the Idaho Red-flanked Bluetail in the last week for his last bird of the year.

Laura Keene – 759 (+3) – The Rhode Island Greylag Goose and the New Brunswick Common Shelducks highlight Laura’s last week. She headed home on 12/30 with her spectacular year in the books.

Christian Hagenlocher – 750 (+2) – With Dovekie luck eluding him in the last weeks, Christian headed west to Idaho where he picked up the Red-flanked Bluetail as the last bird of his year, officially passing Neil Hayward’s record without considering provisional species.

Thank you for your support, and congratulations again on four very big years.


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