Angry Birds, What’s Black and White and Hungry All Over, and a Little Something for the Ladies: This Week in Bird News

If there’s one common theme to this week’s bird news items, it’s their collective bizarreness:

The eagle has landed-on the drone, as France trains birds to take out drones that stray into restricted airspace.

It’s a feeding frenzy in southern Argentina, as one million-plus Magellanic Penguins descend on Punta Tombo’s beaches due to an unusual glut of sardines and anchovies. (The smart-looking example in the photo above is by Michael Catanzariti, through Wikimedia Commons.)

So crazy it just might work? Scientists ponder the feasibility of genetically engineering chickens to lay the eggs of endangered bird species.

The law of unintended consequences has tragic effects at a zoo in England, as rat poison ends up killing the Rainbow Lorikeets it was intended to protect.

Mobbing predators seems to help songbirds show their love interests just how macho and attractive they really are.


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