#ABArare Jabiru Texas

On August 1, David Hanson and others discovered an ABA Code 4 Jabiru in Chambers County, Texas, east of Houston. The bird was seen among a flock of Wood Storks and other waders. It was seen briefly before it flew back away from the public road. It is likely still in the area.

Photo: David Hanson via TEXBIRDS/David Sarkozi

The bird was seen near the corner of Pear Orchard and FM 1985 (Whites Ranch Rd) in Chambers County, north of Anhuac NWR, near an old crawfish pond. It is just over an hour from the Houston International Airport by car. It is a mixed flock of egrets and Wood Storks. The bird flew back away from the road and lite some where back in the field. The specific location is pinpointed on Google Maps here.

Jabiru is a dramatic neotropical stork that has ventured into the ABA Area about 15 times previous, most recently in Texas in August of 2016. Records are almost exclusively in the late summer and associated with post-breeding dispersal during the dry season in southeastern Mexico and northern Central America. Most records come from Texas, but Jabiru has also been recorded in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

For regular updates from those who seek to find the bird today, please see the ABA Rare Bird Alert Facebook Group.



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